Store Mosse National Park is located in three Småland municipalities: Värnamo, Gnosjö and Vaggeryd. Both our hostels are located inside the national park. One (Svänö) is located in the northern part and Lövö in the southern part. This is how you get to Lövö.

If you come by car, bicycle or motorbike

Park in the designated parking lot, approximately 200 meters before the first gate. Our guests may drive in through the two gates to unload luggage, but the vehicle must then be parked in the designated parking lot.

Do you use public transport (bus/train)?

There are good opportunities to travel to us by public transport, for example by train. Suitable stations for getting off are Värnamo or Gnosjö for further travel by bus.

Kul, smidigt och klimatsmart att åka kollektivt till Store Mosse vandrarhem


Fun, flexible and climate-smart to take public transport to Store Mosse hostel.

Jönköping county traffic services the route between Värnamo and Gnosjö with bus 242. The ”Store Mosse national park” bus stop is just outside the Naturum car park. For information about the bus, call +46-771 444 333 or click on the link.

Bild: Jönköpings Länstrafik
Photo: Jönköpings Länstrafik

Book pick-up as an option

As there are not frequent trips around the clock between the train stations and the bus stop outside Naturum, you may need to be picked up and driven to the hostel. In that case, it is fine to pre-book this with us on phone +46-(0)72 227 78 22 or e-mail and we will pick you up for a small cost. ATTENTION! Collection must be booked at least two days in advance.

If you book in advance, we can shuttle you from the train station out to the hostel

Do you want to hike out to us?

There are several options for you who want to hike to us. If you come by bus, you start at the bus stop outside Naturum and follow the trail south towards Andersberg. It is approximately 7 kilometers to Lövö. You can also park at Kittlakull and start there. Follow the same path towards Andersberg or Lövö, should be around 5 kilometers. The third option is to park in Andersberg and walk north along the bog until you reach Lövö. Even that trip is about 7 kilometers.