Jugendherberge Lövö im Store Mosse Nationalpark

Lövö Hostel is one of the two hostels in Store Mosse National Park, and it is located in the southern part.

In the southern part of the national park is Lövö

To Lövö, in the southern part of the national park, you can drive to the car park 200 meters before the farm gate. You can also hike to Lövö from Naturum, Kittlakull or Andersberg – places that are all along the hiking trails who run through the entire national park. From Naturum and Kittlakull you walk over the bog and high wooded sand dunes, or rocks as we call them. From Andersberg, the trail goes mostly via wooden path across the bog.

A little about the hostel

Lövö Vandrarhem is open all year. In the house there are four rooms with a total of 16 beds, a shared kitchen and a family room. It is possible to book in a twin room or in a dormitory with 6 beds.

Here you live without electricity and water

The accommodation lacks both electricity and running water, but heating is done by burning in stoves, food is cooked on a wood stove (or at a designated barbecue area) and water is fetched from a pump in the yard. The outhouse and woodshed are in an adjacent building, which also serves as a warming cabin for hikers.

Water can be obtained from a pump on the farm, Lövö hostel

Vatten kan man hämta i en pump på gården, Lövö vandrarhem
Here you live without electricity and water

Lövö is an idyll with nature and wildlife close to the knot.

Precis utanför grinden passerar några av nationalparkens vandringsleder
Just outside the gate pass some of the national park’s hiking trails