We who run Store Mosse Vandrarhem are André and Gun Schurtenberger and have lived with Store Mosse as neighbors for many years. When we, via the County Board, got the chance to take care of hostel operations in the farms Svänö and Lövö from the turn of the century, we saw it as an opportunity to fill the beautiful old houses with life again.

André och Gun som driver Store Mosse Vandrarhem
André and Gun who run Store Mosse Vandrarhem

We have decorated the houses according to the period and according to what it might have looked like when Småland families lived and worked there for over a hundred years ago. For us, it has been important to preserve the genuine and to highlight the soul of the houses. We don’t buy anything new, but everything we fill the houses with is reused and found at flea markets – just to get that special feeling of being moved a hundred years back in time.

André och Gun som driver Store Mosse Vandrarhem
André & Gun

At the end of the 19th century, there was no running water, sewage or electricity. So part of the experience when you stay with us is gathering the whole family in front of an open fire, warming stove and wood stove in the evening. No electricity means that phones, computers and ipads have to be put aside for a while – here it’s the place, nature and company that stand for the experience.

Warm welcome!