Jugendherberge Svänö im Store Mosse Nationalpark

Svänö Hostel is one of the two hostels in Store Mosse National Park, and it is located in the northern part.

Svänö – in the northern part of the national park

Like a small island in Store Mosse National Park, Svänö Vandrarhem is located, and you can drive almost all the way to the house. Norregård, in which the hostel is located, dates from 1907, but people lived here as early as the 17th century.

There is a genuine sense of calm here, with beautiful nature and rich wildlife around the knot. Farming was carried on until the 1940s, but today the landscape is kept open by grazing cows.

A little about the hostel

On Svänö, it feels as if time has stopped because there is neither electricity nor running water. Warming is done by burning in stoves, and food is cooked on a wood stove or on an outdoor grill. Firewood & water can be collected from the farm. Lighting up is done by lighting candles or oil lamps. Outhouse is on the farm.

Die Zimmer in der Jugendherberge Svänö

The accommodation has 24 beds. You can book into Svänödamen’s room next to the kitchen where there is a family bunk bed. The room lacks a stove.

Next to the kitchen there is also room Hanö, where there is a stove and three bunk beds. Upstairs there are two more rooms with 8 beds each, mixed with single beds and bunk beds, Kävsjön and Svartegöl. Both are equipped with stoves.

Det fina köket på Svänö Vandrarhem
The beautiful kitchen of Svänö Hostel